Tilman’s quiz on Twitter, February 7 2018

Let’s analyze another quiz posted by Tilman (@twone2). This time his question was as follows:

Cultural touch for the #WednesdayQuiz. Visited this place a while ago.
Dear @quiztime-rs:
1) Where/what is this (img1)?
2) When was it?
3) What exhibit was it?




I will start with the correct answers and then if you are interested in how I find it you might want to keep reading.

  1. It is at the Bildmuseet in Umeå, Sweden.
  2. 2014-11-02 – 2015-04-26 according to their website.
  3. It was an exhibition of Rafael Lozano-Hemmer.

See their website for the last two questions.

The long explanation

It took me a bit long to find this and the reason for this is that I wasn’t focusing on the right areas of the first picture (see below).


I was too obsessed with the buildings in the background, and I forgot to ask myself what the foreground is.

Some great observations from Twitter user Fiete Stegers (@fiete_stegers):

But if you go looking for the details in the background you might either find it straightaway or you will take ages to find it. Especially if the city is small, which is the case here.

I tried to reverse image search it with Google and Yandex by cutting out the background, but the results weren’t satisfactory the first time I tried.

The second time I reverse searched for the full image.

2018-02-07 21_56_41-Google Search.pngOpen that blog and scroll down to that image, under it you will see the name of the museum and if you translate the article you will see that she shared the name of the artist and posted a link to the exhibition page.

Google Translate (sic):

Last week I followed an old job friend and good friend to the Bildmuseet and brought me Filip. It was more than successful to have your child there! Most probably the room was where you tuned into radio channels with your own body and shadows were formed on the walls.
The artist behind the work is Rafael Lozano-Hemmer and more about the Picture Museum exhibition, you can read in my second blog anitamedia.blogg.se where you can see pictures from a previous visit I did with my students.
So that answers all questions.
Edit: In a previous version I mentioned the museum is located in Sofiehem, Sweden. Sofiehem is the neighborhood, the city itself is called Umeå.
P.S.: Don’t use your phone to perform a reverse image search. You won’t get all the results I showed you above.

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